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AoS 12" clear objective markers (8 Pack) (pre-order ends 31/01/2020)

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Image of AoS 12" clear objective markers (8 Pack) (pre-order ends 31/01/2020)

An almost see through clear objective ring.

Save yourself ever having to measure from an objective again.

Each ring is a 12" (almost) clear 1mm thick bendable marker for measuring within 6" of an objective as seen on the honest wargamer live stream at events. There in a center circle to make measuring when placing the marker and a small honest wargamer logo on the outer edge.

We have played about with several versions and materials for this product and feel like this one is the easiest way to pop on any mat without detracting from whatever style of mat you have. Also being 1mm thick means it will never affect models or their bases.

Each pack contains 8 Within 6" rings which is enough to do all of the battle plans within the AoS pack.
All rings will be shipped seperately to protect them until they reach you.

You can see the ring in a game here:


This is a preorder item to allow us to order in bulk. We hope to have the process completed and items shipped out within 30 days of the end date.
If you are interested in buying in bulk for a club or an event please feel free to get in touch.