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Honest Wargamer Water Bottle (Preorder: Until 23/10/20)


Image of Honest Wargamer Water Bottle (Preorder: Until 23/10/20)

We're always telling our #HydroHomies to stay hydrated, but without a receptacle for such fluids it felt like a hollow suggestion!

Never fear, we've put our money where our mouth is and come up with the goods.

The sleek 500ml steel water bottle is ideal for the vital hydration during a socially-distanced game of Warhams or even to show you're part of the #GrotGang at work in a subtle way.

Product is not dishwasher safe, please handwash.

Preorders until 23/10/20, then production and shipment will be completed within 2 business weeks (unless Covid changes the situation).

Image is a mockup, the finished product will vary (as close to the concept as possible).