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40k The Objective Bundle (BUNDLE)

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Clarity saves time during tabletop games. If your mission requires clarity on who holds an objective or if it is A, B, C or Numerals: We have the solution.

Double sided 40mm coins with Red/Blue and Alpha-Numerical symbols so you can always know who holds which! Perfectly paired with our Objective Rings for the ultimate in clarity without compromising on the immersion.

Each ring is a 40mm centre with a 3" inch bubble around it, being (almost) clear 1mm thick bendable marker for measuring within 3" of an objective as seen on the honest wargamer live stream at events for AoS.

If you are a large gaming club or a shop that would like to stock these please get in touch through the contact form and we'll make sure we fulfil as big an order as you need.

Each pack contains 6 objective coins, discs and a measuring gauge which is enough to do any that are in the current Missions for 40K